MAHI-MAHI are an excellent sport fish to catch and are considered one of the tastiest and highest quality fish to eat.

Had a fantastic time tearing up huge snapper, and some fantastic mahi action. Captain Donnie knows his stuff and I will definitely be back again!  The boat, and the captain were all fantastic, and I highly reommend this dude if you want an authentic offshore fishing experience!
Gage Glover
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Interesting facts about Mahi-Mahi:
  • Also known as a dolphin-fish,dorado 
  • Brilliantly colored green, blue, yellow
  • Very fast swimmers, speeds can reach 60mph
  • Considered a carnivore and eats squid, crabs, crustraceans and small fish
  • The name mahi is Hawaiian for "strong" and that refers to their fierce fight once hooked.
  • Travel in schools
  • Best time to catch in summer months, April - August
  • Average 15-30 pounds for "cows" or females, however "bulls" or males can grow to over 50 pounds
  • Fun fish to hook and fight due to their out of water acrobatics!

WAHOO are among the fastest, most fierce and prized big game fish in Louisiana.

The fishing trip was well-planned. Donnie Jackson was a real hands-on captain.  He was very attenative to the needs of his clients. He was very helpful to the novice fishermen.  He had plenty of equipment and showed expert knowledge of it, and gulf fishing.
Todd Tuerschmann
Prairieville, Louisiana

Interesting facts about Wahoo:
  • Fastest species and largest of the mackerals found in North American waters
  • Has an elongated mouth, razor-sharp teeth, and tiger stripes on skin
  • Also known as Oahu, Pacific Kingfish, and Ono (Hawaii)
  • Among the most prized game fish in Louisiana
  • Average 30-50 pounds, can grow to over 100
  • Louisiana record - 139 pounds
  • Best time to catch is in colder season, Jan. - March

Tails Up Offshore fishing is true professionalism at it's finest.  Outstanding
RED SNAPPER harvest aboard the Sea Cruiser with Captain Donnie.

These guys are the real deal!  If you want a knowledgable, passionate and successful charter, look no further.  Captain Donnie has a true love for the sport and his passion shows in how he charters.  Preparedness is the word.  He and his crew spend countless hour setting up before the charter and researching afterwards.  They track fish and mark hot spots and watch weather patterns as far in advance as possible to give us customers the best chance of having a successful day on the water.  We maxed out on red snapper and moved on to the next spot.  We went out a bit further to hunt swords and ended up taking one home. 

These guys do not play around.  Captain Donnie and Jay were incredibly hands-on the entire time.  They did not stop once, going above and beyond.  If something wasn't working they would move spots or make other necessary rods or bait changes.  They know their stuff and waste no time when something isn't working.  The Sea Cruiser is the cleanest boat I have ever been on.  They were constantly hosing and brushing everything as we went.  We came in and the guys cleaned and bagged our fish in not time.  Tails Up Offshore fishing charters is true professionalism at it's finest. 
Zach Aucoin
New Orleans, Louisiana
Interesting facts about Red Snapper:
  • Limit 2 per person, 16 inches
  • Louisiana record - 50 pounds
  • Average weight 8-12 pounds, common 20 pounds
  • One of the tastiest fish in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Found around oil rigs, under wrecks, rocks and reefs

Tails Up Offshore had a great trip with these folks from New York .  Although a few storms rolled in, the weather was decent and we boated a pair of nice tunas, about 40 pounds each.  It is always exciting to put these tasty fish in the cooler!  Tails up on another amazing fishing adventure.
Tails Up Boats a good Yellowfin!
Interesting facts about Yellowfin Tuna:
  • Also known as Ahi Tuna, great to eat; used in Hawaiian poke
  • Travel in schools
  • Fast and powerful fish, good fight when hooked
  • Most commonly 20-250 pounds, can grow to over 400
  • Considered a highly prized gamefish
  • One of the most exciting fish to catch and eat
  • Trolling with ballyhoo is a successful way to catch one!