About Donnie Jackson Jr.
Captain - Sea Cruiser

Capt. Donnie Jackson

Capt. Sea Cruiser

Capt. Donnie Jr. is a second generation professional fisherman and boat captain with 20 years experience. 
He has been fishing since he was a toddler and has been first mate for his father Donnie Sr. since he was a young boy.

Donnie Jr. grew up "on the water" as he accompanied his father as he made the rounds throughout Southeast Louisiana's most popular fishing rodeos each summer in their boat, the legendary "Sea Cruiser".  Even though the Sea Cruiser has had many alterations from sporty cabin cruiser to super fast cigar-style fishing boats, the name is legendary amongst tournaments such as the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo. 

Donnie Sr. has been a professional fisherman for over 40 years, fishing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico for all types of fish.  Over the last 15 years, he has chosen to compete in fast-paced tournaments such as the Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) and gave up the cabin cruiser for the fast, tournament-style fishing boats.  The father-son duo has competed together in SKA and the Yahama Pro Tour for many years, and have placed in the Top 5 numerous times fishing throughout coastal waters of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina.

Donnie Jr. has taken cue from his father's interest in this fast-paced type of fishing and has recently decided to bring that same tournament-style characteristics, and let's not forget - "FUN" to the fishing charter business.

"Master of the Sword"
Customer testimonial:
"Captain Donnie has a true love for the sport and his passion shows in how he charters. Preparedness is the word.  He and his crew spend countless hours setting up before the charter and researching afterward.  They track fish and mark hot spots and watch weather patterns as far in advance as possible to give us customers the best chance of having a successful day on the water. The Sea Cruiser is the cleanest boat I have ever been on. They were constantly keeping it clean.  When we came in they cleaned and bagged our fish in no time. Tails Up is true professionalism at it's finest."
Zach Aucoin
Armed with his most precious weapon of all, the 35ft. Contender Tournament Sea Cruiser and the latest fishing gear, Capt. Donnie Jr. will lead you on the journey of a lifetime, in just a day.  Pictured Donnie Jr. with his dad and a trophy swordfish.

Swordfish, tuna, marlin... come fishing on the Sea Cruiser for the big boys

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Donnie enjoys fishing competitively and you will find him on the tournament trail when he is not with customers.

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